Thursday, September 15, 2011

Headlines 09.15.11

Islamists Emerge in Force in New Libya (Wash Post)

Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Resigns Over Global Warming (Fox News)

DC Schools Prepare for Nation’s First Sex-Ed Standardized Testing (Wash Post)

Unemployment Applications Hit 3-Month High (AP)

New Australian Passport Allows Third Gender Option (BBC)

UBS Hit by $2 Billion in Unauthorized Trades (WSJ)

NJ Appeals Court Rejects Woman’s Fight to Go Topless in Public (

Law School Sperm Donor Discovers He’s Fathered Over 70 Children (Boston Globe)

Central Banks Act Together To Ease Fears on European Debt (NYT)

Pat Robertson Tells Viewer It’s Okay To Divorce a Spouse with Alzheimer’s (Christian Post)

Tight Standards Make Mortgates Tough to Get (USA Today)

Democrat Congressman: Government Isn’t Obligated to Pay Social Security Benefits (CNS News)

Woman’s $10 Million Suit Against Toyota Over Ad Prank Allowed to Proceed (Daily Mail)

“Jew or Not Jew” App Riles Anti-Racism Group (AP)

Henry Winkler Receives British Title (BBC)

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