Monday, September 19, 2011

Headlines 09.19.11

10th Person Dies from Injuries in Reno Air Crash (AP)

Fighting Erupts for Second Day In Yemeni Capital (AP)

Obama Vows Veto if Deficit Plan Has No Tax Increases (NYT)

UK Hires “Affluence Team” to Audit Super-Wealthy (AP)

Headlight Flashing Tests FL Law as Free Speech (USA Today)

“Modern Family” Takes Home Five Emmy’s (NYT)

Poll: Obama Favorability Lowest Ever (CBS News)

Goats Used to Clear Land in Downtown Portland (AP)

Gallup: Southerners Less Likely to Visit Dentist (Huff Po)

Dental Survey Data (Gallup)

Wendy’s Remakes Its Burgers (USA Today)

Netflix Apologizes for Mishandling Changes (USA Today)

Court Orders Casey Anthony to Pay $97,000 (WSJ)

FBI: Violent Crime Down by 6% Last Year (AP)

Cleaver: If Obama Weren’t President, We Would Be “Marching on the White House.”(The Hill)

Cheerleaders’ New Miniskirts Are Too Short for Class, Violate School Dress Code (LA Times)

Obama Claims Re-election Likely (Talking Points Memo)

Obama’s Twitter Plan Backfires (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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