Friday, September 16, 2011

Headlines 09.16.11

Religion and Inequality Go Hand in Hand (Christianity Today)

NFL Wants Pat-Downs from Ankles up at All Stadiums (USA Today)

Bloomberg Predicts Riots If Jobs Don’t Show Up (NY Daily News)

McAfee: Heidi Klum Most Dangerous Online Search (Today Show)

Abbas Says He Will Seek Palestinian State at the Security Council (NYT)

Obama Agrees to Sell Arms to Taiwan, F-16A/Bs (Wash Times)

Obama to Sign Patent System Overhaul (The Hill)

Obama’s a Flop in States He Flipped in 2008 (Wash Times)

Toe Sucker Targeting Arkansas Women (AP)

2 Men Take Dead Pal to Strip Club (AP)

Pre-Born to “Speak” through Live Ultrasounds on Capitol Hill (Christian Post)

Supreme Court to Hear Prison Strip-Search Case (Findlaw)

Chinese Drywall Homeowners Can Sue On Own (Findlaw)

Can You Get a Divorce for No Sex in Marriage? (Findlaw)

Postal Service Faces Grim “New Reality” (The Hill)

Ten-Foot Fingernails New World Record (AP)

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