Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Headlines 09.27.11

The Solyndra That Wasn’t: Solar Trust Declined Energy Department Loan for $2.1 Billion (Wash Post)

‘L-Word’ Star Escorted off Southwest Flight for Kissing Girlfriend (Wash Post)

Senate Reaches Deal to Avert Government Shutdown (NYT)

Obama’s Jobs Bill Makes It Illegal to Discriminate against ‘Unemployed’ in Hiring (NYT)

Study: Caffeine Averts Depression but May Make You Less Charitable (LA Times)

Georgia Company Claims It Can Make Motor Fuel from Wood (NYT)

White House Won’t Seek to Delay Supreme Court Health Care Bill Review (The Hill)

Facebook Creates Its Own PAC in Washington (The Hill)

European Union Climate Chief ‘shocked’ at US Debate over Issue (The Hill)

Congressional Staffers Getting Taxpayer-Provided iPads (The Hill)

Therapists Seeing Patients Online (NYT)

Wife of Mexican Drug Lord Gives Birth to Twins at California Hospital (MSNBC)

Washington Monument to Remain Closed ‘Indefinitely’ (Wash Times)

Grandmother Killed Child to Spite Father (Wash Times)

Obama Heckled: ‘[You’re] the Antichrist’ (Politico)

Rihanna Told to Cover Up by Christian Farm Owner during Irish Video Shoot (Telegraph)

AP Called Racist for Transcribing Obama Speech as Delivered, without ‘g’s (Yahoo)

Lobbying Group Opposes New Administration Rule Barring All Gifts to Federal Employees (The Hill)

Romney Meets Privately with Donald Trump (The Hill)

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