Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Headlines 09.20.11

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Expires (CNS News)

AP Fact Check: The Rich Already Pay More (AP)

Germany Reaps Rewards of Entitlement Cuts (Wash Post)

City’s Day Laborer Law Ruled Unconstitutional (LA Times)

Israel has Dumped 46% of Its US Treasury Bills; Russia 95% (CNS News)

In 3 Weeks, Gamers Crack AIDS Puzzle that Stumped Scientists for a Decade (Fox News)

World’s Biggest Sperm Bank Turning Away Redheads (Fox News)

US Alleges Full Tilt Poker Was Ponzi Scheme (WSJ)

Child Brings Mom’s Crack Pipe for Show-and-Tell (AP)

USDA Secretary: Americans Must Learn to Like Eating Healthier Food (CNS News)

PETA to Launch Porn Site for Animal Rights (Reuters)

Rivera Sets New Record with 602nd Save (NY Times)

Wednesday Is Anti-Trust Day in Washington (IT World)

Some Hotel “Safes” Opened by 00000 Code (USA Today)

Chaz Bono Makes “Dancing” Debut (AP)

Jesse Jackson’s Employee Says He Was Fired for Being Gay (Findlaw)

Changes in Controversial Organ Donation Method Stir Fears (Wash Post)

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