Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Headlines 09.21.11

American Hikers Freed in Iran, State Media Report (NY Times)

Mexican Horror: Gunmen Dump 35 Bodies on Avenue During Rush Hour (USA Today)

Obama: “No shortcut” for Palestinians (NY Times)

Experts: Pilot Likely Blacked Out Before Crash (WSJ)

Moody’s Lowers Ratings on Three Big Banks (NY Times)

America Ranks 26th in Internet Speed (NY Times)

Supreme Court Halts Texas Execution of ex-Army Recruiter (USA Today)

ROTC Back at Harvard after 40 Years (Boston Globe)

Young Adults Make Gains in Health Insurance Coverage (NY Times)

Turkey Bans Men from Soccer Stadiums (AP)

Solyndra Executives to Plead Fifth at Hearing (The Hill)

Shutdown Fight Looms Over Disaster Aid (The Hill)

US Building Secret Drone Bases in Africa, Arabian Peninsula (Wash Post)

Congressman Wants to Eliminate Dollar Bill (AZR)

Air Force Puts Grounded F-22s Back in Service (LA Times)

West Hollywood Bans Fur Sales, Leather Okay (LA Times)

San Francisco Okay’s “Bird-Safe” Building Standards (LA Times)

Study: 1 in 3 Texters Would Rather Text than Talk (NY Times)

Utah Tightens Already Restrictive Liquor Laws (USA Today)

House Creates Intern Program after Ending Page Program (The Hill)

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